”If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong 

Mehmet Oz, M.D, host Dr. Oz Show, Director of Integrative Medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital

 & author of best seller YOU: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger.

Qigong  is Transformational Body Relaxation

Qigong. "vital energy cultivation" [pronounced chee-gong] is an ancient health practice clinically proven by modern science

to support your body’s natural healing abilities & improve overall well being.

·    Deep relaxation techniques

·    Mental cultivation

·    Gentle easy to follow exercises (standing and/or seated in a chair)

·    Clinically proven effectiveness

San Diego & North County, California

Fay McGrew, M.A., Q.T.P. (Medical Qigong), Certified Teacher 19 years teaching Qigong in San Diego

updated 3/2/14


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March & April  2014

Mar. 3 - Six Healing Sounds 4 part series begins @ Hidden Pine Studio Carlsbad

Mar. 8 & 9 - Natural Healing with Qigong Workshop

     led by Eva Lew, MD & Master Frank Chan - San Diego Convention Center

Mar. 22 - Spring Intensive @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

Mar. 19 - FREE Spring Equinox Meditation & Healing Circle

April 5 - Advancing Qigong & Tai Chi, Encinitas @ San Dieguito Adult School

April 12 - Six Healing Sounds - Five Element Theory Workshop @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

April 21 - FREE Intro to Jade Egg & Jade Woman Qigong

Revised New Date April 22 - FREE Intro Class - Live Long Do Qigong!                                         @ UCSD - Center for Integrative Medicine - Downtown

April 28 - Jade Woman Qigong  4 part series begins @ Hidden Pine Studio Carlsbad

New Date May 3 - Jade Woman Qigong Workshop @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

  For Info  Email    or   call 760-729-1102 

New  article interviewing Fay about her Qigong classes at Naval Medical Center San Diego                                            Vets Take Deep Breaths - California Health Report | California Health Report

See Fay's article on Yin Qigong in October  2010 issue of Light(Life) Connection

click here to see San Diego Union Tribune Local News Today 7/16/08 article about Fay & Qigong

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