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 Summer 2017   SCHEDULE  


Summer is on its way

Above is a drawing of the Summer Solstice from the Chumash tribe of Native Americans in Southern California. It expresses the expansive energy of summer, the same perspective in Chinese medicine and Qigong practice.

Our summer schedule of classes and workshops focus on maximizing this seasonal opportunity of personal growth.

Speaking of that, Reyna Lerma has just completed a 3 year training with my most influential Zhineng Qigong Master Liu Yuantong. She and her husband Alfie are now certified Hun Yuan Energy Healers. We congratulate them  on their achievements.

We are honored that Master Liu Yuantong is planning to come to San Diego in January 2018 and will keep you posted with details as they are confirmed.

Dr. Eva Lew and Frank Chan Laoshi are returning to San Diego teaching a weekend Medicine Begins With Me workshop in Carlsbad, September 23 & 24. CEU's for acupuncturists , nurses, and social workers are available. Reyna and I are still processing the profound teaching as well as strong healing we experienced at their retreat this year. Details on their September workshop to follow.

Please join Reyna and me co-teaching the Summer Solstice Meditation Practice, the actual day of the solstice on Wednesday June 21, and all day  Intensive Workshop on Saturday June 24 with new information on progressing your practice of Lift Chi Up Pull Chi Down that we learned at the retreat with Frank and Eva.

The lunar phases smile on us this year with a Full Moon on 2 Saturdays bringing the return of the Full Moon Women Qigong retreats at Hidden Pine Studio; the first is July 8 (details below) and November 4. The Jade Egg order should be delivered in time for the Free Intro class before the July 8 workshop.

In August, Reyna leads a 2 day workshop on Body Mind Method; I will provide personal form correction. This workshop reflects the detailed instruction we received from Frank & Eva presenting The Energetics of Body Mind Method. If you learned this form years ago, we encourage you to attend as it is an entirely new experience focusing on Qi cultivation not physical nor stretching prowess. All levels of physical ability and beginners are welcome.
See details below.

 Enjoy the warmth of summer, the opening of your heart, and empowerment of your Qigong practice.

With gratitude,

Please click here for more information or to register for Hidden Pine Studio Classes & Workshops

Summer Highlights 
 Intro to Qigong & Summer Solstice Healing Meditation - 
 June 21
Summer Solstice Qigong Intensive Workshop - June 24
FREE Intro to Women's Qigong & Jade Egg Practice - July 8
Full Moon Women's Qigong Workshop - July 8
The Energetics of Body Mind Method - August 12 & 19
Intro to Qigong & Fall Equinox Healing Meditation - Sept.20


Dr. Eva Lew & Frank Chan Laoshi  Return to San Diego
Workshop in Carlsbad, Sept. 23 & 24

June - August 2017 Weekly Class Updates
(Details below)

UCSD laL 4 -09 group

Free Intro to Qigong Classes
Opportunity to learn about the many benefits of Qigong, experience the practice and meet the instructor, Fay McGrew.


Intro to Qigong & Summer Solstice Healing Meditation 
Mon. June 21 Day of the Solstice
7 - 8:30 PM @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

Intro to Women's Qigong & Jade Egg Practice  
(Jade Eggs $40)
Sat.  July 8  1:30 - 2:30 @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad
[Full Moon Yin (Women's Qigong) Workshop begins @ 3 PM]

Intro to Qigong & Fall Equinox Healing Meditation 
Wed. Sept 20 
7 - 8:30 PM @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad


All classes & workshops taught by Fay McGrew unless otherwise noted.

Sun with Rays

Summer Solstice
Free Intro to Qigong &
Seasonal Empowerment  led by Fay McGrew
Healing Circle led by Reyna Lerma

June 21
7 - 8:30 PM
Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad
All welcome, including beginners
Refreshments served
Optional donation appreciated

Summer Solstice Intensive Workshop
Co-taught by Fay McGrew & Reyna Lerma 
 Utilizing the energy of summer for personal growth in deepening your Qi Cultivation.
Session 1    10 am - 12 pm
Seasonal Empowerment for Summer - Fay McGrew
Healing Energy of Summer - Reyna Lerma
Lunch 12:30 - 1:30 (Bring your own)
Session 2    1:30 - 4:30 pm
Essence of Movement in Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down: advanced technical instruction & individual form correction which can be applied to all Qigong forms.
Limited Space, Register Early

Sat. June 24  10 - 4:30 pm
Hidden Pine Studio
Tuition:  1 Session $45: Entire Workshop $75

jade egg

Free Intro to  Women's Qigong & 
Jade Egg Practice
Information about Women's Qigong's for feminine vitality 
Jade Egg ancient women's health practice:
strengthen pelvic floor
address incontinence & vaginal dryness
invigorate sexual organs
heal stretching & damage from childbirth
Jade eggs are sanitary: $40 includes written instructions & bag

Sat. July 8  2017
1:30 - 2:30 pm
(just before Full Moon Women's Qigong Workshop)
All Welcome

Full Moon Yin (Women's) Qigong
Ancient health practice realized by women masters for feminine vitality
Sat.  July 8, 2017
Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

Learn Nuzi Women's Qigong Form
Deep relaxation (chi nap & energy healing)
Tea Ritual
Community (pot luck) Dinner
Outdoor Full Moon Practice

3 - 8:30  pm
Tuition $50
Registration & More info

Energetics of Body Mind Method Form 
Taught by Reyna Lerma, & Individual Correction by Fay McGrew

Body Mind Method is the Level 2 form in Zhineng Qigong for internal integration of Qi. Each relaxing movement progresses through your body freeing pathways (meridians) of Qi while gently opening joints, tendons and ligaments. Experience the exhilaration of liberated circulation of your physical and energetic being.
August 12  part 1  10 - 4:30  $75 tuition
August 19  part 2  10 - 4:30  $75 tuition

More information to follow 

Weekly class Schedule

Hidden Pine letters

Hidden Pine Studio
Wednesdays 7 - 8:30 PM
Tuition $20 per class
June 7 - Seasonal Empowerment -Grain Full
& Qigong Practice
June 14 - Women's Qigong -
June 21
Day of Summer Solstice 
Seasonal Empowerment, Intro to Qigong Practice, Healing Circle
June 28 - Women's Qigong 
July 5 - Seasonal Empowerment - Slight Heat 
& Qigong Practice
July 12 - Women's Qigong - Emitting the Fragrance
July 19 - Reyna Lerma  teaches Qigong
July 26 - Seasonal Empowerment - Major Heat 
& Qigong Practice
August 2 - Women's Qigong - Emitting the Fragrance
August 9 - Seasonal Empowerment - Autumn Begins 
& Qigong Practice
August 16 - Women's Qigong - Emitting the Fragrance
August 23 - Seasonal Empowerment - Limit of Heat 
& Qigong Practice
August 30 - 
Women's Qigong -
Emitting the Fragrance
September 6 - FULL MOON & Seasonal Empowerment - Pure Dew & Qigong
Meditation Practice
Sept 13 - Women's Qigong - Basic Nuzi
Sept 20 - FREE Intro to Qigong 
Seasonal Empowerment - Fall Equinox 
Sept 27 - Women's Qigong - Basic Nuzi

*seasonal empowerment is a specific Daoist meditation & exercise for each energetic change in nature every 15 days throughout the year. Class includes Qigong practice.

RBEDBRown Center class

Weekly Class Schedule other locations

Tri-City Wellness Center Carlsbad
Women's Qigong Class Series    Drop-ins welcome
Tuesday 11:30 - 12:30 pm
Qigong of the Heart - June 7 - Aug 22
No classes 7/4, 7/18 & 8/8

Carlsbad Senior Center   on-going 4 week class series
Live Long. Do Qigong! 
Tuesdays 9:45 - 10:45 AM
Next series begins June 20 to July 25  No classes July 4 and July 18
Summer Break

Classes resume
Sept. 5 - Sept. 26

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