Qigong  Class & Workshop Curriculum

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Qigong Curriculum

Organize the Chi Field orientation for optimal practice.

 ZBE Zhineng Breathing Exercises.   Deep relaxation techniques improve, respiration, metabolism, and quickly stimulates chi circulation.

 THCMM  The Head Circulation Massage Method. Opens major energy pathways and gates on the head promoting overall chi circulation in the body.

 La Chi (pulling Chi) generate sensation of Chi for healing self and others.

5 Organ Massage Method Deep meditative self massage to heal the body, mind & spirit.

 LCUPCD - Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down Gentle easy to learn series of exercises. Opens energy portals for awareness of & cultivation of chi.

 3 Center Merge Standing Meditation powerful posture to unite energy centers.

 BMM - Body/Mind Method  opens all the energy pathways in the body connecting every organ,muscle, tendon and ligament  for internal integration of Chi with our vital energy.

 Six Healing Sounds  comprehensive vibrational healing practice; includes sound, mudra, and posture for each major pathway of Qi for physical and emotional health

Sacred Alchemical Steps to the Fusion of the Five Chi -- movement pattern including the Six Healing Sounds Practice.

Women's  Qigong  Curriculum

NUZI QIGONG  a clinically proven system created by Dr. Liu Yafei, Medical Director of the Medical Qigong Clinic in Beidaihe, China which she based on the ancient Nudan (women's inner alchemy practice).

 TRIPLE BRACELETS ENCIRCLING the MOON exercise to slender the waist, spinal health, weight reduction, & stimulate lymphatic system.

WILD GOOSE: (Dayan Qigong)  a 1600 year old practice of graceful movements introduced to the public  in 1987 by 27th Generation female Grand Master, Madame Yang Mei-Jun.

WHITE  TIGRESS  FEMALE  CULTIVATION includes breast & ovarian self massage, techniques to improve libido, and specific meditations for women from the classical White Tigress practice.

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